About Us

woman drinking coconut water

Who wants plain water when you could have coconut water? Who wants plain milk when you could have coconut milk? That is a question that us here at Coco Fanatic cannot answer for the life of us. That is not to say we have done away with drinking real water (since you sort of need that stuff to stay alive) but no one ever said we didn’t wish we could. Given the choice between a regular drink and a coconut drink, we’d take the coconut drinks every time without fail. And for good reason too.

Why to be a Coconut Drinks Fanatic

There are some pretty significant reasons that we prefer coconut beverages to their traditional counterparts. The first reason is taste. It is not the most important reason, of course, but it is absolutely a large pro in our books. The water offers just a little more depth with its sweet yet nutty aftertones. The milk has an extra touch of sweetness that totally knocks our socks off. As far as our taste buds are concerned, anything coconut is the bee’s knees.

Then there are all the things you can do with these simple bases. They mix almost flawlessly with any drink mixer. Add Koolaid or Neo to the water for something refreshing or a dab of organic coconut nectar syrup to the milk. For the adults out there, rumor has it that coconut milk makes the perfect vodka mixer. Word on the street is that this odd concoction is the hottest up and coming drink on the market. So the next time you have a couple friends over, whip these up (shaken, not stirred) and get ready to impress.

The cherry on the cake is how healthy these are for you. Coconut drinks make your body just as happy as your tongue, how could anyone say no to that?

Welcome to Coco Fanatic, where we spend our days relishing in all the wonders of drinking coconut. Enjoy the ride!

two coconut water drinksPsychology is a pretty popular topic these days. Anyone who has any sort of background in the subject probably remembers the name Sigmund Freud. Not to be confused with the magician Siegfried, even though the names are vastly different while being weirdly similar. No, Sigmund Freud was a man way back in the early 1900’s who had some very odd ideas about how people grow and the way the brain works subconsciously. Today, most psychological experts will quickly dismiss many of his findings. He did pave the way quite a bit for developmental studies, though, so they keep him around. One of those ideas was what he called an oral fixation. His meaning of the phrase is outlandish. So outlandish that we consider anyone who doesn’t know what Freud meant by that to be one lucky duck. So we decided to recoin the phrase to fit our lifestyles a little better. Here at Coco Fanatic, we have an oral fixation with coconut drinks.

Coconut Drinks: What’s All the Fuss?

Is there a drink you can think of that you can turn into just about anything? We can. Coconut drinks are the easiest drink to concoct with the simplest ingredients. There is one hitch though – there are actually two bases that we continuously rely on. These are coconut water and coconut milk. It is important to interject here that we do not mean the sweet, thick cooking agent found canned in the Asian section of your local grocery store. We’re talking about the actual milk, next to the 2%. Both contain crazy health benefits and by having them around, the options you have double. Literally. That is what we do here. Driven by our love of coconut drinks, we are working towards putting together as many as possible, then sharing the creations for you to try as well. If we do our job right, we think soon you’ll have no choice but to share in our oral fixation.