Coconut Drinks Recipes

If you are a Coco Fanatic you are always looking for a new recipe to try to feed the coconut-loving beast you have living in your tummy. And you know what? We love feeding the beast! Coconut drinks tend to offer a variety of health benefits. They are also a healthy alternative to the sugary, processed drinks you find in gas stations. The unfortunate thing is that sweet equals unhealthy a lot of the time. We have decided to share the solution we have found to this dilemma. Our favorite coconut drink of all the coconut drinks will tame even the wildest of chocolate cravings.

Coconut Drinks Explore the Sweeter Things in Life

Here we go: the big reveal! Our all-time favorite is what we fondly refer to as The Choconan. The Choconan is essentially a chocolate banana smoothie. This version differs from the many others by using coconut milk and oil for an even healthier twist. It has that classic smoothie flavor with a couple not-so-classic benefits.

chocolate coconut banana smoothieYou’ll need:
• ½ cup coconut milk
• 2 ½ tablespoons of semisweet cocoa powder
• 2 slightly overripe bananas
• ½ tablespoon peanut butter
• 1 teaspoon unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil
• 2-3 ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth. There you have it. Sometimes we like to top our smoothie with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and/or shredded coconut. This ridiculously easy drink is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. We do have a couple of suggestions that will allow you to find your own perfect version of The Choconan. With only a half cup of milk our smoothie is really thick. It’s “good luck sucking it through a straw” thick, but that’s the way we like ours. Add more milk to find the consistency that’s best for you. And milk is the next thing on our agenda.

This smoothie works best with flavored coconut milks, such as vanilla. This helps add a more natural sweetness. The last suggestion we want to offer up is for the folks who like to preplan. This recipe works best if your bananas are at least a little bit frozen. Two to 3 hours in the freezer is ideal. Not to worry though – the recipe still works out whether your banana has spent all its time in the counter fruit bowl or the last couple days in the freezer.

All we have to suggest now is that the next time you have a need for a treat, skip right over the other coconut drinks and follow our lead. You won’t be disappointed.