8 Ways to Use Coconut Syrup on Your Favorite Pastries

coconut syrup

If you’ve never tried the coconut syrup, you should definitely consider purchasing a bottle because it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a natural sweetener from the coconut palm tree that has lower glycemic index than table sugars, which means it’s a better sugar alternative for diabetics. Generally, it’s one of the healthier substitutes to sweeteners in the market.

8 Ways to Use Coconut Syrup on Your Favorite Pastries

  1. Doughnuts

    This popular fried dough calls for a sweetener to bring out its delectable flavor. Whether plain or chocolate sprinkled, doughnuts become simply tastier with the organic coconut syrup.

  2. Cinnamon Rolls

    Organic coconut nectar syrup with the cinnamon roll is basically a treat for every sweet tooth out there. It’s sweet and satisfying. You never have to look back once you’ve tasted it.

  3. Scones

    Scones are easy to make breads or cakes that you can enjoy as a light snack or a dessert. Besides fruits, sugar, and other natural sweeteners, this organic syrup from the coconut flower can add more flavor to your scone.

  4. Cakes

    Baking your favorite cakes will be so much more fun with the coconut nectar syrup. You can conveniently use it instead of refined white sugar. The ratio is 1:1.

  5. Brownies

    Brownies are another dessert you can drench in this all-time favorite natural sweetener. Chocolates are just amazing but when paired with syrup instead of other sugars, it can be even better. That’s right. Your favorite brownie can be sweeter yet healthy.

  6. Biscuits

    Biscuits, cookies, and other flour-based baked goods can have refreshing new recipes with the coconut syrup. All you have to do is substitute it for the sugars you’d normally use and you have yourself snacks you can easily enjoy.

  7. Muffins

    Muffins and cupcakes are another thing you can easily make with the coconut syrup. You can drench them in the syrup before you eat them or use the syrup in baking them. Whichever you choose will satisfy your hunger for sure!

  8. Coconut Bread

    How can we leave out the coconut bread? Well, since it’s a baked good that already has the sweet taste of the coconut, it’ll be good to give it a hint of the coconut nectar syrup too. Once you try this, you can enjoy a truly coconut meal.

Try any of these coconut syrup recipes today! If you like to bake, you’ll love it even more. All you need is a bottle of the syrup and you can make magic in your kitchen. This organic sweetener is a product for everybody in the family to indulge in. If you want to know more about it, talk to us at Coco Fanatic!

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