Health Benefits You Can Get from Pure Coconut Oil

pure coconut oil, health benefits

Some say that the type of coconut oil you use for hygienic purposes or for cooking does not really matter, but that is a misconception that we all need to leave in the past. Coconut oils differ in so many ways, like how they are extracted out of the meat, and in this article, we will lay down the reasons why pure coconut oil, among anything else, is more widely known, used, and highly recommended.

Why It Is Important to Use Pure Coconut Oil

It always pays to settle with what’s natural, may it with the looks, personality, or with things as simple as food. As much as we want to just indulge in everything delicious, we have to be mindful about every little bit of anything we put into our mouth—because one wrong bite might lead to something serious.

And if we’re talking about food, everything starts with what they are made of and what they are made with—yes, its ingredients. In choosing the right ingredients, it is highly advisable to look into what each substance can do to our body. This is exactly why when it comes to cooking oils, everyone would want to go with pure coconut oil. And the following list of benefits will further prove that true.

Benefits and Uses of Pure Coconut Oil

The main reason why most prefer to leave nature’s gifts unprocessed or unadultered is to keep as much nutrients and other health benefits it can offer. Same goes for coconut oil. Refined coconut oil undergoes bleaching and deodorizing—processes that involve the use of chemicals.

Pure Coconut Oil in Skin and Hair Care Products

Pure coconut oil is extracted straight out of fresh coconut meat. This is how the oil retains that strong aroma and taste that adultered coconut oil does not have. It is also for the same reason that it is considered way more beneficial to one’s health than the processed one. It is a good source of iron and vitamin K.

Besides being one of the best cooking ingredients, pure coconut oil also makes a good skin moisturizer as it gets absorbed into the skin easily. The oil is also a proven source of vitamin E, the vitamin which purposes include repair of damaged skin. Unrefined coconut oil also aids in hair growth. By using hair products that have pure coconut oil in them, you’re helping your locks grow thicker and faster. It is also worth noting that raw coconut oil isn’t only used in making shampoos, it is also in a number of cosmetic products including body lotions and soaps.

Pure Coconut Oil as a Weight Loss Agent

Among the most sought-after benefits of pure coconut oil is its ability to help a person shed the pounds. Before, the production and wide use of coconut oil was met with criticisms because it was deemed unhealthy due to its high fat concentration. But what most people forget to acknowledge is the fact that not all types of fats are unhealthy. There are fatty acids that actually offer more health benefits than anyone could ever imagine. One of these is the lauric acid, which is contained in pure coconut oil. Lauric acid has certain antiviral, antimicrobial, and fat-burning properties, which make it a potential weight loss partner and immunity system booster.

In appearance, pure coconut oil and refined coconut oil don’t have that much difference, but when it comes to the benefits each oil type has in store for its consumers, that’s where the gap is carved. Now that we have laid a list of its benefits on the table, we can only hope that we have helped you decide which type of oil you’ll get the next time you hit the supermarket.

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