Can You Substitute Shortening for Butter in Cookies?

substitute shortening for butter

Why do you need to substitute shortening for butter? Well, this really just depends on what you’re making. If you’re baking and the product needs to be crusty and flaky, shortening is what you need to bake it with. But if you want your cookies more spread out and tastier, perhaps you should use butter.

But the one thing to remember is that these two things aren’t the same. Shortening is 100% solid fat while butter is only 85% fat. The remaining 15% that make up butter is water. This means they cannot be used the same way and will not produce the same results. There’s always a difference in texture when you substitute shortening for butter or butter for shortening.

Can you substitute shortening for butter in cookies?

Yes, you definitely can. Fats, such as shortening and butter, are what makes the cookies cookies. So let’s take a look at the difference between using butter or shortening for baking your favorite snack.

First up, butter. Butter is the main fat that people use to make cookies because it’s what makes the cookies taste so delicious. As mentioned earlier, butter is 85 percent fat and 15 percent water. It also requires refrigeration because it melts. But the creaminess in the butter is what really adds to the cookie’s rich flavor. All in all, baking with butter will make the cookie crispier and more spread out, which is what makes it special.

Next in line, shortening. Shortening is a solid fat that needs to be stored at room temperature. It is made from vegetable oils and is pure fat. Shortenings have no liquid in them and are flavorless. So when you bake with shortenings, the results are cookies that are softer and not as flat as the cookies made with butter.

Really, the difference is in the texture and flavor. Baking with butter makes the cookies creamier and arguably, tastier because baking with shortening doesn’t give it much flavor. However, they are more tender. On the side note, you may consider baking with coconut oil for a healthier alternative.

What should you choose?

This is really up to you. If you like the cookies with a creamy buttery flavor and prefer your cookies crispy, butter is really all you need. But if you want the cookies to be tender and chewy, go with the shortening.

In order to find out which one you like better, hold your very own cookie taste-off. You can bake a set of cookies with butter and another set with shortening. Invite your friends to come over and try it with you. Whichever kind gets the better response, that can be the kind you bake with from now on.

So keep on baking your cookies with butter and shortenings to know more about their taste. There’s so much you can do with both. Just make sure to get the measurements right and the ingredients correctly, and you’ll be good to go. But, if you’re adventurous enough, you may also substitute coconut oil for shortening.

If you have any questions about how to substitute shortening for butter, come to Coco Fanatic today! We are ready to help you anytime.

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