Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Coconut Syrup

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Coconut syrup is rapidly rising to fame. And because of the growing attention, options are now multiplying. More and more coconut syrup brands are now released on the market. And while a wide range of options is great, it cannot be denied it can result to confusion as well. Do you know what makes the best coconut syrup?

Finding the Best Coconut Syrup

If you are on the verge of finding the best coconut syrup then take note of the following tips and tricks:

Establish a Criteria

Finding the best coconut syrup is not just about the flavor and price. While these two factors are important, there are other aspects you need to look into as well. Of course, the criteria will depend on the preference and need of each consumer. The following are important considerations we deem that consumers need to examine:

best coconut syrup

  • Storage. Health professionals recommend that when purchasing food, look for an option stored in a jar over plastic. Numerous issues related to plastic toxicity have been circulating the health community. Housing a food in a plastic container can compromise safety. So steer clear from plastic and choose glass jars.
  • Development. As much as possible, choose a coconut syrup that comes from natural or non-GMO (genetically modified organism) sources. A natural and organic source ensures that the food is grown without the use of chemical substances and gene modification methods. Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and the USDA Organic seal for a certified GMO-free and organic product.
  • Production. How coconut syrup is processed also has a huge impact on its quality. Less is more. You want a coconut syrup that goes through very little processing. An unrefined composition allows a food to preserve its nutritious content and retain a chemical-free nature.

Use these factors to narrow down your search but do not settle with it. If you have other considerations in mind, feel free to explore.

Look into Testimonials

Once the list is narrowed down to fewer options, dedicate time to look into testimonials. A consumer’s review is a great way to learn about a product beyond flashy advertisements and descriptions.

Looking into testimonials can help you determine the quality based on first-hand experiences of users. The higher the rating or review from different testimonials, the more trustworthy a product is.

There are fake reviews online so you need to be careful. How do you spot an authentic testimonial?

best coconut syrup

  • Content. Chances are if the review is flooding on praises, this is a marketing ploy. A real review is moderate in praising. An authentic review is also more specific about the experience with the product thereby providing details.
  • Regularity. Investigate the reviewer. Look into recent posts or cross references. If the person does not regularly write reviews, the post may not be genuine.

Keep these simple tips and tricks in mind and you will surely find the best coconut syrup for pastries and beverages. Do you have any questions? Feel free to throw us a question by commenting below!

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